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ZED-2 Zone S

The ZED-2 Zone Splitter connects to the Zone Keypad/Speaker Terminal on a Nexus C-6 Controller or X-1 or X-2 Expansion Controller. The ZED-2 then splits the speaker level and control signals so two adjacent rooms in a zone, or ‘sub-zones’, such as a Living Room and Dining Room, can turn on and off independently, including individual room volume, tone and A/V source control. The two sub-zones share the same source, eliminating the clash of two different sources being played in adjacent rooms. The ZED-2 provides individual sub-zone audio amplification with two built-in 20W/Channel stereo amplifiers.

The ZED-2 utilizes the same ‘Phantom Control’ Technology as the C-6, X-1 and X-2. This allows the greatest flexibility for new and retrofit projects, by combining the control signals and speaker level audio signals on the same four wires. While providing additional system flexibility, sub-zone expansion requires no additional programming to the C-6, X-1, X-2 or ZED-2. The system will function the same from any control point, whether in a regular zone or sub-zone.