The keypads control all the basics for each zone such as volume, bass and treble, allowing you to adjust each zone to its particular acoustic characteristics. Aside from volume and tone controls, each keypad is also capable of controlling the audio/video sources in your system. Changing discs, tracks or radio stations, your keypad sends commands to the appropriate device, giving you full control. Each keypad features an easy-to-read and backlit LCD, providing you with information on your system, the audio source or tuner stations.

The K-22 keypad is used when numeric direct access is required. When in “Group” mode, the K-22 keypad can scroll through and display the assigned zone names to aid in setting up the group. The source and zone names are programmed at the Nexus C-6 Controller during installation. By simply connecting the keypads to the multi-room controller, they will be automatically programmed.

The R-1 hand-held remote features Navigation Keys. Infrared codes are passed through the keypad’s IR receiver and sent to the C-6 control unit for additional control over your source equipment. One remote control, managing many audio video devices from any zone in your system, equals complete control.